Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    The Perfect Room

    It’s your home inside your home. Your sanctum sanctorum. The idea is delicious. Carving out a private, personal space is something we do from childhood – that cave we made with bedsheets draped over overturned chairs, the fortress made from bricks of books, the Disney tent and if we were one of the lucky few – a tree house. This is where you were you. Where you dreamt, created, plotted and planned or just were. No sharing. You needed a password to get in.

    Singles enjoy entire apartments to themselves, designed to their liking. Those of us who share spaces and navigate space but could carve out something that is entirely ours sometimes haven’t had the time to do so. So,now, let’s make me time a real thing and design a room that is absolutely, perfectly yours.

    It’s always a good idea to begin at the beginning. Which is to begin answering the question: what should your room do for you?

    Is this where you go simply to sleep? Or does it have more complex functions? You may work there, for example. Or it’s also a space close friends can sit and lounge in and have tea with you. Or it’s a fully functional room like hotel rooms are – part lounge and dining, part work space, mostly bedroom. Once you’ve decided what the function of this most important space is, you can go about designing it. This assumes you have the space for everything your heart desires. A really great fallout of creating the perfect room is nothing extra and un-needed gets in so there’s no anxiety of Marie Kondo-ing later.

    It’s a good idea to introduce furniture one purpose at a time so that you don’t crowd the room or can feel your way around to perfection. Like getting the bed in first. Some of us like to sprawl – so a queen is nice, some of us are good with a standard single bed (as the perfect room in this case is a room apart from the room you share with a partner or spouse). Then comes the armchair or two if this is where we envisage cosy chats with partner or spouse or buddies or even the kids. Now we can figure out if there’s space for a work table and where we want it. Do we want a bookshelf with all our favorite books? And what about lighting? Do we like floor lamps or interesting table lamps?Then comes the really fun part: the accessories. Your private nook is a comfy space so fabric and material play a large part. This is where your taste and your taste only comes in. Do you like soft linen or are you the handsome leather type or do you like to play with boho-chic mix and match? You can introduce some favourite, quirky pieces into this room – paintings, sculptures, collections of snow globes. Or framed photographs.

    Rugs and cushions make a room the kind you want to bask in and there are so many kinds available.

    What about the walls? You can have them painted in any way – with organic paint for a lovely, vintage look and then create a splash with a statement wallpaper. This need not cover a wall. You can cover a wardrobe or cabinet with something glamorous or unusual – bold florals, or neon paisley or a hippy-chic Mariska Meijers. Sometimes the wall behind your bed could be the one for some special wallpaper treatment. Choose something eye-catching and relaxing at the same time or something that is a powerful representation of your personality – this is your room after all. Think of the design brief as – If You Were A Room. Sometimes it’s great to choose a wallpaper that reflects your particular interests – like a troupe l’oeil pattern of books maybe if you are a keen reader or something old-timey and illustrated.

    But most of all, have fun. It will show in the design. Don’t be afraid to be quirky or express yourself – as that is what this room is all about. So if you love shoes your wallpaper could be a pattern of stylized illustrated shoes.

    Sometimes a good way to start is to leaf through magazines or take a look at all the wallpaper out there – the endless designs are great triggers for inspiration.

    There’s never been an easier time to decorate. Everything you’ve thought of is out there and if it isn’t, it’s easy to make or have made. Your perfect room is there for the decorating. Have fun!