Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    Urban Legends

    The city of Istanbul tends to evoke images of earthy Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, amidst grey modern structures. The last thing you’d expect is all the colours of the rainbow – and then some –filled into neat geometric forms. And that’s what makes 33-year- old self-taught photographer Yener Torun’s so special. “In late 2013, I started a photography project on Instagram focusing on lesser known, modern parts (mostly buildings) of Istanbul. These geometric and colourful compositions have gathered a lot of following and media coverage all over the world since early 2015,” says Turhal-born Yener who draws on his architecture background to locate and compose his subjects. He describes photography as a form of escapism and enjoys helping Istanbul’s long-term residents see their city anew. Besides Istanbul, shoot locations have included cities such as Izmir, Bursa, Mugla, Kocaeli and Ankara.

    Ali Inay
    Inspired by afternoon light, summertime, snowstorms and Montreal, Ali Inay’s Instagram feed is filled with gorgeously lit interiors and perfectly plated food shots. The travel and lifestyle photographer has been dabbling in the art form since 2006, but he admits, it was Instagram that helped him rediscover his passion for the same. He has worked with a variety of travel-related organisations – Tourism Thailand, Tourism Montreal and Air Canada being a few. “I am a lover of anything that brings people together, particularly: delicious coffee, bright interiors and good food,” says Turkish-born Ali, who moved to Montreal to pursue his graduate studies. Speaking of coffee, he started @mtlcafecrawl – an Instagram community that celebrates and documents Montreal’s independent cafe culture. A must visit for java aficionados on the lookout for recommendations for their next fix.

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