Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    Wallpaper Zodiac

    There’s something about December – a slow build up of memories and events; a month of celebration, happiness and joy; a time for retrospection of what was and what could be. Where the past, present and the future align together under the warmth of a cozy blanket. In the cool of a the winter breeze – suddenly and all at once – they’re the end, and the beginning. Decembers are for chances, to give and to take; for resolutions, for new beginnings, for change.


    With 2018 right round the corner, what’s better than bringing out the new-year-new-me with wallcoverings that are more than just a statement piece. Inspired by Katie Holdefehr’s horoscopic home colour predictions on Apartment Therapy, here’s a compilation of matching wallcoverings that have been handpicked for your soul.


    March 21 – April 19

    Scarlet Red


    Passionate and optimistic define the happy fantasist that is Aries. Good Earth and Nilaya bring you the wallpaper of your dreams. Let your mind wander into a jeweled land of great pavilions and pagodas, swaying palms and swaying elephants. Cinnabar – where winds drive your boats to Mandalay.


    April 20 – May 20

    Emerald Green
    Comfort and compassion defines you, Taurus! You’re the sound of the sea, the touch of velvet against the skin, the ground beneath.


    May 21-June 20

    Bright Yellow
    Wordly wise, warm and wonderful – you’re the effervescence of a morning mimosa, the energy from a pot of roasted coffee, the buzz of a bee. Nilaya brings to you a reflection of your sprightly soul!


    June 21-July 22

    Purple Jade
    With your solicitous concern and power to empathise, you’re the most helpful and charitable zodiac. You’re the shoulder to cry on, the 2 am friend. Combined by your warm sunbeam spirit and your diamond-like strength, this wallpaper by Geonature was made for you!


    July 23 – August 22

    Golden Yellow
    Leo, if you were a wallpaper, you would be the glowing image of Candice Olsen Modern Nature‘s Montage. You’re timeless like the nurturing warmth of the golden sun on a cold winter morning. An empathetic heart is your biggest strength and intuitiveness your greatest virtue.


    August 23-September 22

    Bluish Green
    Calm, nurturing and down-to-earth is the definition of a Virgo. This wallpaper, in soothing strokes of texture, is both restful and empowering – it’s everything you and so much more.




    September 23-October 22



    Passionate and determined, you’re always trying to be a better version of yourself. Wilderness is inspired from your desire for self-improvement. Combining a solemn procession of jungle creatures with a verdant green, this wallpaper outdoes itself. We’ll let it – and you – do the talking.



    October 23-November 21

    Ruby Red
    Passionate, romantic, sensual – your extremes make a very enigmatic and dramatic saga that is nothing short of fun and excitement. Mughal miniatures, Persian verses and a penchant for eclecticism inspire Mogholsarai. Genteel, quiet, romantic yet fiercely passionate, these wallcoverings beckon the Scorpio.


    November 22-December 21

    Royal Blue, Violet

    You’re a vision of royalty draped in power. You’re a born leader, boldly adventurous and gripped by a sense of wanderlust. Revere the splendour and aim for the stars – this wallcovering pushes you to freedom.


    December 22-January 19

    This wallcovering of soft edged strokes, of watery pin stripes, recalls a gentle rain that soothes and stills; it mimics your zen-like soul. Signatures by Nilaya brings to you Rain Dance, a meditating reflection of your focus and determination. Much like the pouring rain, Capricorn – you’re going a long way!


    January 20 to February 18

    Like a pearl born in the ocean, you’re a gem of a zodiac Aquarius! You’re a healer with your selfless love; and if you’re not saving planet Earth, I don’t know who is. You deserve a world full of gleaming birds robed in riches, a world of floating fruit and blissful skies.


    February 19 to March 20

    Deep as the ocean and transparent like it’s water that surfaces on the beach, you wear your heart on your sleeve. Nilaya brings to you the perfect wallcovering to heal you from the emotional tides.

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